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20 mars 2008

Oh yeah !


Wahouuuuuuuuuuu !!

Jesus Christ ! A lot of beautiful things happens in my life this time.It's so awsome.Yes I speak english and so what ? It's my blog I do what I want :) I spoke in the metro today with an Estonian guy and I think that I have to improve this language.So I decided tonight to write in the english way.

I have to talk about all this interesting stuff which are coming.First of all,I was in Paris these days to pass an entry exam for my futur photography school (I hope !).My feeling is positive as usual ^^ but I don't want fantasm if I'm not accepted.It could be very hard If you know what I mean ... I have to wait for two weeks before the results.We'll see !I saw Rhumain et his new girl friend.I'm so happy for him.He waited that for a long time !

I have to break up with P* because I can't stay with him anymore.He is very kind and sweet but too much sometimes.It's impossible to him to contradict me,he is too passive in fact and sometime I can't bear ! Its insufferable.Furthermore,I will have a lot of things to do this time and this summer.I don't have any time for him and He is going to suffer.I don't want that,it's not properly.

I took contact with Jordan from Melbourne.I was so happy and excited to annunce him that I gonna visited Australia this summer ! He seemed to be happy too :) I also took my tickets for New York !!! I will go in the 7th of April.I can't wait to leave,it's gonna be a great experience !

Si I have to go.I'm very tired because of this express trip in Paris and I have to be in shape for the big party at my school tomorrow night.A lot of people are attending and particulary a lot of my friends :)

See ya !

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